The potential of hydroregulation and thermoregulation to influence ecological responses to climate change – ANR AQUATHERM (2018-2023)

A project funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche in France to support a group of four CNRS and University laboratories working on ecological impacts of climate change in wild populations of terrestrial ectotherms.

About the project

How the interplay between thermoregulation and hydroregulation influences vulnerability to climate change in terrestrial ectotherms remains largely unknown. Here, we will use ecophysiology and behavioural ecology to enhance our understanding of this critical facet. Focusing on squamate reptiles (lizards and snakes), we will combine mechanistic biophysical models, empirical studies of physiological and behavioural traits at the individual and population levels using two model species from two French Mountain ranges, climate niche simulations for these species, and comparative analyses across all squamate reptiles. This approach will provide new insights on the role of proximate functional traits in determining species distribution and sensitivity to climate change, and translate into knowledge applicable in other terrestrial ectotherms and wildlife management.