The CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance center will coordinate project, lead WP1 and participate in all tasks of the project. Individual participants at CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance are:

  • Jean-François Le Galliard (project coordinator)
  • Beatriz Decencière (project manager)
  • Simon Agostini (technician)

The CEBC laboratory at Chizé will coordinate WP2 and will also participate importantly in WP3 (field census of adder populations) and WP5 (comparative analysis of snakes). ​Individual participants at CEBC are:

  • Olivier Lourdais (principal investigator)
  • Frédéric Angelier (research associate)
  • François Brischoux (research associate)
  • Colette Trouvé (technician)
  • Bruneau Michaud (engineer)
  • Mathias Dezetter (PhD student, Sorbonne University)
  • Rodrigo Gavira (Post-doctoral researcher)
  • George A. Brusch (Post-doctoral researcher)
  • Dale de Nardo (foreign collaborator)

The SETE laboratory at Moulis will coordinate WP3 and participate in WP2 and WP4. Individual participants at SETE Moulis are:

  • Jean Clobert (principal investigator)
  • Fabien Aubret (research associate)
  • Julien Cote (research associate)
  • Romain Bertrand (research associate)
  • Olivier Guillaume (engineer)
  • Olivier Calvez (engineer)
  • Murielle Richard (engineer)
  • Mathieu Brevet (PhD student, ENS Lyon)
  • Alexis Rutschmann (foreign collaborator)
  • Donald B. Miles (foreign collaborator)

The iEES laboratory at Paris will coordinate WP4 and WP5 and also participate importantly in WP3 and WP4. ​Individual participants at iEES Paris are:

  • Sandrine Meylan (principal investigator)
  • Tom van Dooren (research associate)
  • David Rozen-Rechels (research associate, Sorbonne University)
  • Pierre de Villemereuil (reearch associate, EPHE, located at ISYEB)
  • Mathieux Leroux-Coyau (technician)
  • Yoan Marcangeli (technician)
  • Andréaz Dupoué (Post-doctoral researcher)
  • Chloé Chabaud (PhD student, La Rochelle University)
  • Théo Bodineau (PhD student, Sorbonne University)

Our research project also includes a range of private partners including Michaël Guillon (independent researcher), Nature Midi Pyrénées (naturalist and nature conservancy association, partner of our researchers at SETE Moulis from the Ectopyr project) and Cistude Nature (naturalist and nature conservancy association, partner of our researchers at CEBC Chizé from the Aquatress project).